CaliNewYork is an all-around company specializing in the hospitality and entertainment industries from California to Florida. We are branding management: our team has brought the most challenging of ideas and products to life by the development, operation, and training; building on the concept of a product and succeeding it through the public's’ eye. We are event organizers: from the smallest of occasions to the million-dollar corporate occasions, we work first hand with the goals of how to bring them to life with the most memorable outcome ever created. We are all around entertainment: with the smallest to top-notch productions from theater, television, music, to film and through the skills of our management of top celebrities to talent from Grammy© recognized artists. We are Hospitality: skills from the Florida restaurant and lodging show to Le Cordon Bleu’s trained Chef Christopher L. Antie and his experience in restaurant management, retail branding to culinary from the Walt Disney Company and NBC/Universal.

Our wide range of talent has given us a team from fortune 500 corporations and from some of the biggest businesses in the industry. We build from the bottom and succeed it to the top. Growing a business from the ground to now becoming the most talked about million-dollar business around. Marketing, hospitality management, event organizers, human resources specialists, culinary, business management, executive leadership, training and development, entertainment producers, and entertainment management are the top keys that make up the business of our company.



The CaliNewYork/CWE Company is a diverse entertainment and branding company. CaliNewYork is run by the business and design partners of Christopher L. Antie and William Ramos Jr. a Florida, Louisiana, and California based Corporation. Christopher L. Antie and William Ramos Jr. are credited within many search engines across the internet for their performance and production work across the film and television industries, in addition to celebrity management and special events.

Among their many talents as performers, a writer, a chef, or as entrepreneurs the CNY producers’ have worked among events as the Learning Annex Expo, assisting celebrity guests as well as managing the main floors of 100,000 attendee’s, and within operations of many private events with Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company, IBM, Mattress Firm, Krewe of Orpheus Gala with Taylor Dayne, Taylor Dayne concert tours, Hewlett Packard, Kimberly Industries, Old Mutual, Vantage, The Walt Disney World Resort Christmas Parties, The Primetime Emmy Awards, The Creative Emmy Awards, The People’s Choice Awards, Sisco industries, VALPAK, Minecon, Lincoln, Ernest, Hollywood productions, and productions held at the Shrine Auditorium.

They have worked on branding development for million-dollar projects as the organization of the AMC Dine-in Theaters in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Ipic Theaters in Brentwood, California, Disney’s California Adventure, New Year’s Eve Celebration at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, The Queen Mary, and the Florida Wine Groves just to name a few of their 20-year career span.

Willie Ramos Jr. has worked as an actor for such television shows as “The Nine” (ABC), “Gilmore Girls” (CW), “How I met Your Mother” (CBS), “My Name Is Earl” (NBC), “Without a Trace” (CBS), “Greek” (ABC Family), and “Hannah Montana” (Disney Channel). He has also worked as an actor in such films as “Drillbit Taylor” (Paramount), and “Spring Breakdown” (Warner Brothers). He has worked as a non-credited crew member on such shows as "Primetime Emmy Awards", “Modern Men” and “Crumbs”. Willie has worked on several specials, such as “Walt Disney World Christmas Special”, and Walt Disney World Resort Entertainer. Willie also has credited theater roles in the Man Who Came To Dinner, David & Lisa, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Odd Couple, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and Swingers. He has also written and composed his own album HyperRush City.

Christopher L. Antie is a versatile hospitality leader, culinary professional and accredited entertainment professional, with becoming the opening leader for over twelve attraction businesses from coast to coast; specializing him into diversified hospitality, culinary, and entertainment industry management, operation coordination with restaurant, production, entertainment performance, and production business, branding development, event operation, and specialty retail. He thrives on the achievement of which invents him to garner a reputation and a consistent track record of strong leadership and dynamic innovation through solving complex issues while producing exceptional results. His professionalism is labeled as a results-driven professional; with a comprehensive background in hospitality and culinary arts, general operations and operations management, budgeting and cost control, strategic planning, risk management, goal-oriented business, needs assessment/procurement; a dynamic and decisive leader with demonstrated initiative, expertise, creativity and success. His expertise is awarded in exceeding established goals and objectives for the business. Adept at cost analysis and financial reporting, guest service and team building program development-implementation, facility/restaurant operational coordination, retail/restaurant opening, budgets, performance evaluation, staffing, administration, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance. 

He rapidly achieves organizational integration, easily assimilate job requirements and aggressive employment of new ideas, concepts, methods, and technologies; recognized as an effective leader in high stressed and fast-paced environments requiring the ability to handle all responsibilities efficiently; among being an excellent communicator, interpersonal, intuitive, analytical, organizational, problem-solving and has leadership skills; thrives in both independent and collaborative work environments along with being energetic and a self-motivated team player/builder. Christopher L. Antie is highly skilled in resolving discrepancies and capturing target margins/profits, successful in developing and executing corporate policies and procedures; skilled in operational organization/streamlining, staff development, motivation, supervision, and attracting/retaining high quality, cohesive teams.