Christopher L. Antie, a southern gay man born from a Christian home, meets his soul mate: William Ramos Jr, a New York-born Hispanic bowed into family values, in spring of 1999. A gay couple grown from two boys to two men found themselves leading a rare relationship within in the LGBTQ community, a relationship of holding on to a twenty year commitment. Twenty years ago Chris and Will would discover their future destiny by growing within the captivated fairy tales of the Walt Disney Company. Unnoticed by the life they eventfully managed, Chris and Will would eventually see themselves writing their story of a wish of a time about a time that became their now. The couple would immerse themselves into many adventures trying to discover who they really were. From Disney to Hollywood to a true southern town in Louisiana and to the hiking’s in California Chris and Will would soon become lost in their own acceptance. Lost in the guilt of being gay from a surrounding world and an unaccepting family, they would soon become cornered into an array of true mass falters. Stricken by poverty but surrounded by glamour their tale would garnish them into out-growing their life villains to the struggles of true success they neglected to admit. Chris and Will: The Real Prince Charmings is a written book that started twenty years ago, telling the story of a gay couple whom vexation becomes the struggles in a community of normal but seen as a difference. A real life journey about a fantasy came true from around the world adventures, star-studded friends they earned along the way; to the biggest Disney wedding celebration ever produced. The real story of once upon a time, and how a gay couple became the real Prince Charmings.                                                       

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