We create, We Plan, We Build, We work with you on YOUR SUCCESS!

TRANSPORTATION: We take pride in discovering every variable concerning transportation. Our pride is held within steps; first your special requests, such as make, model, energy source, capacity, etc. Second, we will then choose quality providers based on fleet quality, insurance status, driver quality, communication capabilities, flexibility, and price. Third, we work on getting you to your destination and uncover all pertinent origin and destination traits concerning airports, resorts, convention centers, event venues, and/or your planned destination. Each has multiple variables to consider when organizing transportation, such as to permit confirmation and security requirements; is there curb space? How much is ideal and how much is securable? Is there an appropriate vehicle staging space and what is the proximity to loading areas? We’ll also confirm safe loading and unloading paths and if we should create a special plan.

With everything all planned, we will have your event ready to receive your guests; it’s time to coordinate each moving part to ensure a seamless arrival. Our experts will devise a routing plan to avoid confusion and bottlenecks. Usually, the shortest route is the most desirable and most efficient by minimizing vehicle turnaround time. However, together we may want to consider a route that is least likely to have obstacles or is more scenic.

In case of an emergency, we’ve got you covered. It’s always best to have vehicles available for unplanned or unforeseen situations. With each of these primary factors considered and planned for, we put the best team of professionals on the scene to execute the plan to accommodate all of the changes smoothly.

CREATION: Our team is committed to continuous education through seminars, industry tradeshows, and professional organizations. Our production volume and regular tours of theme décor, furniture, linen, floral, production, and game warehouses also give us a masterful knowledge of available products. Our talented team creates events after absorbing your vision and then submits them in a proposal that is easy to follow, with pricing in a line item format for ease of understanding and revision, and with renderings and floor plans to show event composition. Once the show design is complete and confirmed, we generate a thorough production schedule that includes vendors, products, setup and strike times, power and dressing room requirements. The production schedule is distributed and reviewed by all stakeholders. Then all permit requirements are fulfilled and floor plans are submitted to the fire marshal.

Our professionals are on hand and on-site for all events to ensure seamless execution and success. Before the event, we will arrive early to confirm that there is ample room in the loading docks and back aisles and that space is ready for load-in of materials. We confirm that the power and dressing room requirements are fulfilled, check-in all vendors, conduct a walkthrough, review show flow and confirm strike times and completion.




WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING? Identifying venue options that meet your basic objectives is crucial, but knowing which one can be molded into the finest option requires deeper investigation and a real working knowledge of each venue. We build off of your vision and investigate each location based on your needs. You approve of everything! You ask the questions and we provide you with the answers! We have the experience, knowledge, skill, and expertise to ensure flawless execution.

WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO? You give us your interests and we can customize to accommodate your needs. It’s not just a local division, we are worldwide. We work with many partners that help execute a safe, legal, and enjoyable destination. No matter where you plan to go we consider every component of your destination: the transportation, the food, and beverage, the tour guide, the itinerary, seasonal dependencies and more. Whether you're choosing a tour for your group or offering many options that your attendees will choose for themselves, we will make sure the tours are the right ones for your group and that they are crafted to meet your specifications.

We can also help eliminate the administrative burden. Attendees can go directly to your customized website, view tour options, select and pay (or not, as dictated by you) and receive confirmations instantly; in the background, the manifests are building automatically and available for review anytime. Let us work on your needs and plan together.




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