Welcome to our coast to coast entertainment company. The CaliNewYork Company is the parent company to CaliNewYork Live, ChrisWill Productions, GO!Live, CaliNewYork Entertainment Group, Chris&Will, CaliNewYork Destinations, CaliNewYork Event Planning,,, and


Started from the diverse talents of Christopher L. Antie and William Ramos Jr., together their background creates a diverse company stretching from management, performing, writing, music, culinary, production, theater, business, and much more.


We welcome you to our place of everything entertainment.


An award-winning podcast about the life of Chris and Will. Take on their journey from Disney to Hollywood, along with their amazing stories of togetherness in this all-new show with a special celebrity guest each episode.


The documentary telling the real side of a relationship's struggles in a hateful world. Chris and Will become the brand of the LGBTQ community with their story of love, survival, PTSD struggles, and more with their all-new series coming in 2020.



Take look into the world of the CaliNewYork creators and dreamers. Their world through their eyes, and how it all began.


From production to merchandise, we have an array of areas we specialize in. CaliNewYork is a true newcomer in the entertainment world. Our worth is the worth you're looking for in a company that grows with care.


A celebrity chef to true event entertainment, our services are top quality and professional services. Created from the founders of our company comes a division that displays heartfelt create choices with your happiness in mind.

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"What About Our Life?" gets picked up for two more seasons in 2020.

CaliNewYork is proud to announce Season two and Season three of their ChrisWill award-winning podcast "What About Our Life?". Christopher L. Antie and William Ramos Jr return for another list of celebrity interviews and amazing self-life topics. You can check out their season one show in our titled page.

Chris and Will become an overnight success!

The leaders of the CNY Company are becoming an overnight success. Currently, the duo is signed on for podcasts, docuseries, new music, and so much more. CNY can't be more thrilled to join in on their amazing well deserved success. 2020 is the year for not only the duo but for the entire CNY family.

Latest Episode of What About Our Life?

Listen now to our new podcast show on your favorite podcast player.